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Quick Guide on How to Spot Real vs Fake Chanel

The market has been filled with replicas and Chanel is not spared from this. Every Chanel item exudes luxury and it’s definitely a must-have for bag collectors, this is one of the reasons why makers of counterfeits spend a lot of time trying their best to copy each item down to its core. However, Chanel […]

Quick Guide on How to Spot Real vs Fake Gucci

Owning your very own luxury handbag is a proud moment every bag collector wishes to have. Authentic pieces are not always easy to find, that’s why when someone spots a handbag with a great price, one might think it’s a great deal. The thing is, the counterfeit market is getting more creative to make their […]

How To Check If The Luxury Handbag is Authentic or Counterfeit

Fakes are looking more real nowadays. In fact, distinguishing a real one from a fake one has become tough especially due to the appearance of the “super fakes” which has taken over the market for the past couple of years. These handbags totally look the same, especially to the untrained eye. You might already own […]

Who and What are the Authentic Experts?

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